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“I so enjoyed last evening’s singing. What healing strength singing can give us. I found myself so grateful and even elated for some time after. I can even evoke the feeling now.”                         


Our online Spacious Singing sessions have replaced our in-person singing for the time being. And yet we still find connection and joy in this format, which keeps us connected to our voices and each other. It is call-and-response style - like a singalong - with songs for our times. We can fill the space with good things!

2021 Spacious Singing sessions

Mondays, 7-8pm Central Time

email for Zoom info

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All song sessions are offered freely to anyone who wishes to join us. If you feel moved to make a love offering toward a robust future of community singing, donations can be made through Venmo (@Kellie-Bledsoe-1) or PayPal.

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